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Agricultural Lab Testing

We provide laboratory testing services for soil, water, and plant tissues. Using the lab results we can make customized irrgation, fertilization and soil management plans to maximize yields.

Fertilization & Irrigation Consulting

Using data collected from lab tests and/or a field visit, we can provide you with a plan for irrigation and fertilization that is aligned with your goals and budget. We support both organic and conventional growers.

Hands-On Approach

As a small local business we pride ourselves on customer service. We know the region and provide recommendations based on years of trial and error in the field.

San Diego Agricultural Laboratory provides soil, leaf tissue and water testing services as well as crop consulting, site planning, and farm management planning services to growers and gardeners in San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties. 


Our team of certified crop advisors and pest control advisors have the knowledge and hands on experience to help you succeed in your agricultural operation, whether you have one tree or one thousand trees. 

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