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Plant Tissue Analysis (Leaf Analysis, Petiole Analysis)
Plant tissue analysis determines nutrient content in plant tissues to provide a more precise fertilization program.
Soil Analysis
A soil analysis is used to understand the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients and to determine irrigation requirements.
  • pH (Soil Acidity)
  • pH + Salinity (EC, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Chlorides)
  • pH + primary nutrients (pH, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Organic Matter)
  • Comprehensive (All tests above plus Zn, Fe, B, Cu, Mn)
  • Sample (Comprehensive)
Water Analysis
A water analysis is important for wells because well water is usually high in salts, and levels often change.
  • pH (Acidity)
  • pH and Salinity (pH, EC, Chlorides, TDS)
  • Comprehensive (pH, EC, Chlorides, TDS, Ca, Mg, Fe, B, S, P)
  • Sample Water (Comprehensive)
Disease Testing
  • Root Rot (Phytopthora cinammomi) Diagnostic Test
  • Collar Rot (Phytopthora citricola) Diagnostic Test
Hourly Fees (Appointment with Agronomist)
  • Field Visit (includes travel time, one hour minimum charge)
  • Phone Consultation (minimum 30 minute charge)
Report with Recommendation
Fertilization and irrigation recommendations based on leaf, soil or water samples. 
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